In the latest issue: The importance of aircraft trading in contributing to the health of the aircraft leasing industry isunderscored in several articles in this issue, for example FLY’s leasing’s sale this week of a portfolio of aircraft at a premium to book value, and latest results from other exchange-traded lessors which confirm the importance of residual values to an aircraft industry which engages with a complex buy-sell series of markets from the placing of orders for new aircraft through a lengthy life cycle of more than two decades. This process, and story, will be at the heart of our annual conference on October 15th next; Also, in this issue: India aspires to be a new aviation financing hub, says its newly elected Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman; AerCap, Avolon, ALC deliver Q2 business activity reports; Falko raises $650m fund, spends $100m on 19 planes; A220 progress.