Aergo Capital's plan for recessionary times - 'a nimble Sunseeker powerboat operating in a sea of tankers'
Aviation Finance speaks with Aergo CEO Fred Browne and COO Gerry Power on the aircraft leasing company's transformation from a privately-owned company focussed on trading mid-life narrow body aircraft to a fully-fledged operating lease platform.
'It's certainly true there is a whole swathe of people getting into the leasing business who have never seen a recession and who may not appreciate the extent to which you should get paid for the risk that you are taking. It’s all to do with asset and credit risk. Certainly we are getting paid for the risk in our portfolio but we can see people taking low lease rates that simply don’t reflect the risk that is inherent in this business. I don’t care what anyone says, you would be a fool to think it’s not a risky business anymore'.

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