January 21st 2021: The continued availability of ample debt provision at ultra low costs due to Central Bank actions is still in evidence. In a move that signposts return to some degree of normality, Castlelake has marked the re-opening of the aircraft securitisation market with the launch of a $595 million, 27 aircraft ABS. Other signals are the launches of two new leasing platforms, a $1.5 billion platform created by Kennedy Lewis Investment Management in partnership with Arena Aviation Capital, and a $500m platform established by Ares Management Corporation. The rising sense of opportunity is also evident in Alan Joyce’s insistence that the Qantas ultra-long-haul Project Sunrise will be even more relevant in the post Covid world to the enthusiasm of Norwegian start-up Flyr; In Avolon’s 2021 Outlook its Head of Portfolio Management, Jim Morrison, predicts that traffic may recover more quickly than expected. On the (needed) caution side, IBA President Phil Seymour is saying nevertheless that there is a still 'a long road ahead' for the sector.