A darker September, linked to the evident resilience of the virus, despite recovery in some passenger markets, notably China but Kroll nonetheless sounds a note of optimism: ‘air passenger demand will rebound to levels seen pre-pandemic, as it has done through all previous downturns’. In the meantime, portfolios will continue to change, as IBA forecasts, and others, for example, CDB Aviation, take advantage of opportunities the turmoil is uncovering; Also: AerCap, Avolon, ACG in fund raisings; US Court approves Aeromexico PBH deal; TAP defers lease payments; AA and SkyWest in new Treasury loan agreements; Air Canada extends funding terms; El Al unhappy with new shareholder; SAA ceases all operations; Ryanair offers ‘2-for-1’ flights; Genesis appoints O’Byrne to lead trading team.