GECAS supplies two Airbus A321neos to Ural - delivering the enhanced fuel efficiency of LEAP engines
July 31st 2019: GECAS will supply two Airbus A321neo aircraft to Ural Airlines. The LEAP-powered narrowbody aircraft - from the lessor’s orderbook – are due to be delivered in October and December of this year. With a current in-service fleet of 45 aircraft from the Airbus A320 family – including A319, A320 and A321 – the Russian operator now transports more than nine million passengers annually and is among the largest rapidly-developing Russian airlines.

The new aircraft provide Ural Airlines with additional capacity – as it continues to grow and renew its fleet. In addition to the comfort afforded by these modern aircraft, “the A321neo will provide our pilots and crews commonality with our existing A320 family fleet along with the enhanced fuel efficiency of the LEAP engines,” said Andrei Melnikov, Head of Fleet Development, Ural Airlines.

“We’re proud to bring these new technology aircraft to Ural Airlines,” said Mick O’Mahony, GECAS’ Commercial Senior Vice President and Region Manager in the Middle East, Africa and CIS. “It’s a pleasure to continue our more than 10-year relationship with Ural Airlines and support the expansion of their fleet.”

GECAS' Company Profile: GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) is a global aviation lessor and financier. It has specialised in narrow- and widebody aircraft, regional jets, turboprops, freighters, engines and helicopters. GECAS offers a broad array of financing products and services on these assets, including operating leases, purchase/leasebacks, secured debt financing, asset sales and servicing, and airframe parts management. GECAS owns, services or has on order, more than 1,850 aircraft. It also provides loans collateralized on an additional 320 aircraft. GECAS serves 250 customers in over 75 countries from a network of 21 offices around the world. Nowadays, the carrier operates 45 airliners (24 А320, 16 А321 and 5 А319).