Sisson and Wegel glad to launch 'clearing house' lessor when 'we're already six to nine months into a down cycle'
Ray Sisson and Ed Wegel, co-founders of AVi8 Air Capital are positioning themselves to be seen as friends rather than foes by the lessor community. Both are highly experienced in the airline and leasing business - Sisson was President and CEO of AWAS up till last year and most recently Wegel was the founder, President and CEO of Eastern Air Lines Group - and they are convinced that their new approach has struck a chord with both existing platforms and potential equity investors. Speaking with Aviation Finance the founders explain how their new business model will work, with a focus on counter-cyclical trading which they intend will make AVi8, in effect, an exchange for young commodity-type aircraft. They also said their commitment to investors to be profitable from day one, is finding favour.

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