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Aviation Finance - aircraft financing and its possibilities

Aviation Finance is a fortnightly publication and website with associated services that provides its subscribers with an information resource of innovative and cost effective financing solutions for airline, aviation related businesses, and investors. Aviation Finance is one of the leading global aircraft investment publications by virtue of its readership every two weeks. We publish thought leading information by leading global players in aircraft financing and provide a platform for industry companies in leasing, financing, and manufacturing.

Aviation Finance's website AviationFinance.aero focuses on providing an insight on the important themes in aviation finance, and aircraft and airline economics. (Click/Tap in any of the dropdown menus above for more on this). Aviation Finance is one of the leading global aircraft investment publications by virtue of its readership every two weeks. Launched in 2011, Aviation Finance's subscriber numbers have grown consistently, and at an accelerating pace since it was first launched. Now there are just over 3500 subscribers and named requested recipients (44.5% of the total circulation), (in over 50 countries), and the balance, a controlled circulation group, of mainly aviation readers, senior airline executives, and investors/asset managers. There are 6,558 unique visitors to AviationFinance.aero. The number of total visits in March 2017 was 9,700 by these same unique visitors.

Aviation Finance has a dedicated readership amongst the most senior decisionmakers and thought leaders in the airlines, aircraft leasing, OEMs, professional advisers, lawyers, ECA, and the global airline financing and investing community.

What it provides:

Original Content - Original insights, many from the foremost world aircraft finance players, amongst them leading practitioners in leasing, airlines, OEMS, capital markets, banking and professional advisory.

Unique insights Each issue aims to build readers' strategic understanding of what's happening :

  1. Bringing equity and investment analysis centre stage;
  2. Providing a risk management dimension to coverage – for example in financial and treasury risk management, commodity and insurance hedging, and, economic hedging, involving innovative leasing-related approaches;
  3. Providing a macroeconomic dimension, and
  4. Coverage of the defining legal, accounting, and taxation developments and innovations facing airlines, financiers, investors and lessors.


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