The Aviation Finance Conference, (AFC2019)

Tuesday 15th October 2019

The Trading, Investing and Aircraft Financing Ecosystem:

See and experience it at AFC2019

AFC2019 will feature many of the incisive insights from Aviation Finance's analysis in 2019 to date, and consistent with where we are at in the cycle, as volatility rises and downward pressures persist on interest rates Aircraft Trading is a key theme of this year's conference agenda. Our programme this year reflects this, and CFOs and leasing risk managers and traders as well as investors, OEMS and airlines will be prominent in the line up of speakers at AFC 2019. This also reflects that fact that trading is an important source of profit for lessors, with aircraft lease rates under pressure, and therefore an area of heightened interest. Hand in hand with this we will be asking who are the customers that will make the trading environment attractive? This will feature the insights of investment bankers, trading leaders, and investors in aircraft as an asset class, among other members of the global trading, investing and aircraft financing ecosystem.

Aircraft Trading

AFC2019 will feature panels, and keynote addresses and interviews with aviation financing leaders, with analysts and traders from firms that represent over half of the global commercial aircraft trading market. AFC2019 will build on the insights of AFC2018, which featured, as speakers, the CEOs of 40% of the world's leased aircraft fleet. AFC 2019 will provide an important input into the agenda for state of the art aircraft financing in 2020.

AFC2019 on October 15th in Dublin Castle will take place in conjunction with the Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2019 the following day, October 16th, which AFC2019 delegates can book for separately at AFC delegate rates. Delegates at both events are entitled to attend the Summit Reception at Dublin Castle on the evening of October 15th with incoming delegates at the Financial Centres Summit 2019, October 16th.