Agenda Overview

The Aviation Finance Conference, AFCDublin,
Tuesday, October 15th, Dublin Castle, Ireland

The Aircraft Trading Agenda for 2020:

See and experience it with the world leaders in aircraft trading at AFC2019

Aircraft Trading, the financial and legal aspects of dealmaking, and the aviation finance function and trading desk of the future are in focus at this landmark conference for cutting edge leasing, aviation finance and advisory firms.

It will feature cutting edge discussions between the leaders of the aircraft leasing industry - at a critical moment in the financial cycle. This is to quote AFC2019's opening keynote speaker, the incoming (2 year term) president of ISTAT, the world's largest representative body of professional aircraft traders and valuers: aircraft trading is 'still only in its infancy', Gerry Butler, CMO of Merx Aviation.

The high level focus continues with on stage interviews with Aercap CEO Aengus Kelly, whose aircraft trading revenues are approaching $3bn for 2019, and China Policy Bank, CDB aircraft leasing arm, President and COO Patrick Hannigan of CDB Aviation, with Aviation Finance contributing editor Joe Gill.

At the heart of the conference, AFCDublin 2019 is our first ever CFO Forum, entitled the 'Finance Function of the Future' with The Chief Financial Officers of Avolon, SMBC, Standard Chartered Aviation Finance, and DAE Capital, chaired by EY's Danny Buckley, former CFO of the Bank of Ireland. Their session is preceded by an address by Virginia Fox, Head of Risk of GECAS.

The future focus, as well as the present course of the trading cycle are at the heart of trading and investment sessions with the heads of trading of major leasing companies, such as Michael Weiss, Head of Aircraft Trading, SMBC Aviation Capital, GECAS's Alan Buckley, Bart Ligthart, Head of Trading and Portfolio Management, AerCap, John Leenane, Head of Trading, CDB Aviation Lease Finance, Paraic Quinn, Senior Vice President Aircraft Trading, Avolon, and Peter Blakeney, Vice President, Aircraft Trading, Carlyle Aviation Management Limited.

The Trading Desk of the future is a topic on the agenda, as are latest developments in the Aviation Working Group's GATS initiative, which will be discussed along with other innovations in trading, including the potentials of blockchain, and other experiments on digitalising leases, from a trading and accounting perspective.

The final session of AFCDublin will examine the changing tax environment in the major jurisdictions, including Ireland and Hong Kong, as well as assessment of legal issues form an aircraft domicilation, leasing contracts, and jurisdictional questions across the lead aviation jurisdictions globally, as an introduction to the issues on the agenda for Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2019, FCSDublin, 2019, which will be held in Dublin Castle on October 16th, (and which AFCDublin delegates have discounted access to). FCSDublin 2019's star studded cast of speakers includes Ken Clarke, MP, QC, father of the House of Commons, the Chair of the USA Securities & Exchange Commission, and the Irish Chief Justice, Frank Clarke, speaking on the role of Irish courts in international financial dispute resolution - important from a Cape Town Convention point of view. Delegates at both events are entitled to attend the Summit Reception at Dublin Castle on the evening of October 15th with incoming delegates at the Financial Centres Summit 2019, October 16th.

Aircraft Trading

AFC2019 will feature panels, and keynote addresses and interviews with aviation financing leaders, with analysts and traders from firms that represent over half of the global commercial aircraft trading market. AFC2019 will build on the insights of AFC2018, which also featured, as speakers, the CEOs of 40% of the world's leased aircraft fleet. AFC 2019 will provide an important input into the agenda for state of the art aircraft financing in 2020.