The Institute of Banking

The Institute of Banking is a professional network of 32,500 members who work in banking and international financial services sector. The Institute is a recognised college of University College Dublin (UCD) and is a centre of excellence in the provision of specialist education and lifelong learning to the financial services sector with programmes for members at every stage of their career. A total of 9,500 people studied with the Institute last year and we have the largest continuing professional development community in Ireland with 23,500 registered members, committed to lifelong learning.

The Institute was founded in 1898 and is one of the oldest banking institutes in the world. The focus of the new Institute was on education. Its first goal was "to enable its members to acquire a knowledge of the theory and practice of banking, and to promote the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to the profession". We are proud to continue this tradition as a not?for?profit organisation providing education for public benefit.