'To 2025 and beyond' - the big issues facing aviation finance

The Aviation Financing Industry of 2025 and beyond: will it be different?

Aviation Finance's 2018 Conference will take place against a backdrop where some of the biggest questions facing capital markets will be discussed at the Financial Centres Summit, Dublin, 2018. At the centre of these discussions will be questions like whether the public markets that have fuelled finance in aircraft leasing will be there in the years ahead, or will private equity, and other sources, be king?

The Aviation Finance conference will hear over 25 of the world's leading figures and analysts from all segments of the commercial aircraft financing universe, including regular contributors to the columns of Aviation Finance. Watch this space in coming days for new speaker confirmations in these sessions:

Don't miss these compelling sessions:

  • Analysts & Strategists Forum;
  • Aviation Finance Lessor Business Models;
  • Commercial Aircraft Trading Forum;
  • Deploying Capital in aircraft and aviation;
  • Supply Side Forum - technicals, technology and finance and the future;
  • Airline Fleet Financing Strategies.

See Aviation Finance Conference, 2018 latest speaker announcements, as follows: